It is so simple but we forgot that to feel completed we need in our lives, beside basic needs, a meaning, the love and the beauty.
Art used to give us once all these. Modern art give up part of this mission and speaks today more to our mind than to our soul.
There is however at 13.000 km away from Europe an ancient art that exploded and re-invented itself into a modern form in the last 50 years by melting again together the meaning, the love and the beauty. This is the Australian Aboriginal painting art.


The Beauty – Earth link

Aboriginal people considers themselves custodians of land that was given temporarily to them by totemic ancestors and they respectfully live connected to the spirit and beauty of their territories. Beautiful rocks, valleys, waterholes, coast line are full of positive energies and aboriginal people by painting describe the maps and structure of these places. Visiting these places at specific moments in time fill in with energy and spirituality the people.

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The Love – Tribe circle

Ancestors stories govern by exemplarity tribal relations. People are initiated by story telling around sand paintings about their place and role in the community. People have strong relations with all tribe members and feel loved and secured in a way that is lost for modern individuals. Ancient occupations are depicted in beautiful colored paintings: harvesting the food, hunting, preparing medicines.

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The Meaning – Spiritual connection

During last 70.000 years aboriginal people of Australia transmitted in oral way or by painting on rock, sand or own body from generation to generation their poetical creational stories. Divine creatures broke the still, black world from beneath land surface and in gigantic moves created the land, the mountains, the waters and everything exists today.
Paintings retell today the ancient stories of ancestors spirits that protected and governed people lives since the beginnings.

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Seeds organized this gallery with the intention of using funds generated to develop in 2016 an inspiring model of aboriginal art cooperatives in several remote Romanian communities, aimed at reviving our beautiful archaic peasant art in fabrics, carpets, pottery and handmade objects.
The authentical peasant art was forgotten and deeply subverted for more than 60 years, due to political climate and social changes, but it’s our duty

to reanimate and emerge our Romanian archaic art.
From these small seeds we dream to revive the forgotten Romanian soul, and our identity and dignity in a modern world!