All the paintings in the gallery are for sale for a short period of time, before they are return to Australia.
For details and viewings please call +40 744 319 080.

The paintings in the Gallery have been supplied by two of the most prestigious Art Galleries in Australia: Japingka and Australian and Oceanic Art Gallery.

Australian and Oceanic Art Gallery located in Port Douglas, provides high quality works by Australian Indigenous artists to private collectors, companies, and national institutions for more than 20 years.

Japingka, Located in Perth, WA, Japingka Gallery has for over 30 years represented many of Australia’s most famous Aboriginal artists.

All the works on this site were part of The Dreaming Exhibition organized by Seeds in Bucharest in October 2015, with the support of Sky Tower and RPHI- Raiffeisen Property International.

The Dreaming Exhibition and the current collection of works was sourced through family, individual artists, and art centers throughout Australia and selection is done by Susan McCulloch of McCulloch & McCulloch – curators of exhibitions of Aboriginal art, judge major prizes and awards, present lectures talks, are art consultants and write on Australian art for leading print and online media.

We extend our gratitude to Tom Colrain of Australian and Oceanic Art Gallery and David Wroth of Japingka.