John Paul Karadada

The artist says – “The story for these Gwion Gwion figures has always been there on the rocks, painted thousands of years ago. In the bush and all through this country, these ancient rock art figures are thousands of years old.” They are workers, guardians and companions to the Boss Wandjina spirit. For local people on the north Kimberley coast, for Kwini people this side near Kalumburu, they say the stories are about everyday things that are recorded in the rock paintings.

John Paul Karadada is a Wunumbal artist, born in 1985 in the north Kimberley community of Kalumburu. He is from a famous family of painters including his father, his aunt Regina Karadada, and his grandparents Rosie and Louis Karadada. John Paul learned to paint for himself , looking at the gwion gwion spirit figures that feature in the rock art of the region. He says “I’ve seen paintings on the rocks, all around this country. I keep them in my head, a picture of the rock paintings.”