Between 15th October and 6th November 2015 Seeds Association have organized in Bucharest, in the highest building of Romania, at 34st floor, the first Australian Aboriginal Art selling exhibition in Romania.

We wanted to present to Romainan visitors the history of Australian aboriginal people ability to adapt and survive during more than 60.000 years by recreating continuously the links with tradition and continuing the ancient beliefs and practices on their own landof the oldest community from our planet.

The art was the main form of survival, after more than a century of despair brought by white man to aboriginals. During last 50 years art gave them a new sense and let them came out of poverty due to the success of modern aboriginal art. Today this art is admired all over the world as a beautiful representation of the soul and joy for living.

After visiting, admiring and understanding the meaning of these paintings a lot of people were deeply tuched and expressed their feelings and emotions to us. The reason is that this Art is not only about Australian aboriginal soul and culture! It is also about ourselves. Our need to live in peace, to be sustained by caring relationship with our people, the need for beauty and harmony with nature are very much the same. In many ways archaic cultures succeeded to create in thousands of years a balance in life that became an ideal to fight for in modern days.

Surprisingly, at more than 13.000 km distance Romanian and Australian traditional art are similar in several archaic beliefs reflected in art expression, as colors, patterns and objects forms. Traditional culture in Romania was also, for half of a century, in despair due to an imposed foreign ideology. This revival of an almost forgotten aboriginal culture can be a source of hope and inspiration for Romanian traditional art which is still waiting a modern revolution.


The „SEEDS” Association has organized this exhibition with the intention of using funds generated to develop in 2016 an inspiring model of aboriginal art cooperatives in several remote Romanian communities, aimed at reviving our beautiful archaic peasant art in fabrics, carpets, pottery and handmade objects.
The authentical peasant art was forgotten and deeply subverted for more than 60 years, due to political climate and social changes, but it’s our duty to reanimate and emerge our Romanian archaic art.

From these small seeds we dream to revive the forgotten Romanian soul, and our identity and dignity in a modern world!